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May 19, 2010 / MrsH

First Birthday

It happened.  The little one became a toddler.  On her first birthday she took those first toddling steps.  Now, only a few weeks later she takes steps as a matter of course and has ceased being surprised at her own ability to do it.   And I’m struck by the speed with which the past year as passed by us.  And while it’s cliche, I definitely think it went too fast and I didn’t treasure it enough.

She now uses signs for different things, and even vocalizes (consistently) certain sounds with some of them.  Just for my own indulgence, here’s a list: more, eat, light out, bye bye, “I want that,” “pick me up,” put me down,” banana, water…  It’s adorable and I love seeing her signing.  She dropped the sign for “nurse” and now I have to tell from the context whether she wants to eat or nurse.  I guess they both fill her belly so it’s swell that she saw the connection.  Part of me feels sad about it.

I see little babies, new ones, and marvel at the growth and development that has taken place this year.  And then I ponder my own growth and development, which is fodder for another post.


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