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July 12, 2010 / MrsH

Trip to the Farm

We found a new, somewhat local farm to visit today.  It has a petting zoo, which was key in my mind.  The little one made it through her baby days without ever seeing a goat, cow, or chicken!  Well, those are now all crossed off her list, as are pig, rooster, and rabbit.  She was both terrified and delighted as she held a carrot out for the goat, but couldn’t get enough of feeding snap peas to the calves!  She also made some animal sounds: “hummmmm” for “moo,” “buh, buh” for “bunny,” and she managed a decent “baaaa” for the sheep.

While the eldest was at camp, our middle one had some experiences of his own.  He learned that cows don’t eat lettuce but like snap peas.  Goats eat anything, but not grass that’s been pulled up in clumps.  And chickens?  They eat lettuce or chicken feed as well as whatever they’re pecking at down there on the ground.  Afterward, we had a picnic  in the shade of magnificent trees.  When he lay down, he was surprised to find a whole new world up there.  Fascinated, he stared up at the tangle of branches, leaves, and filtered sunlight up there.

All in all we spent an hour and a half at the farm, even though it was rather tiny.  We probably won’t make the trek out to this particular one again as the eggs they sold were not from pastured chickens, but we had fun nonetheless.


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