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July 13, 2010 / MrsH

A Weekly Rhythm

For a few months now, I’ve been working on increasing the rhythm and predictability of our home life.  Yes, I believe it benefits the kids.  It helps me too though!  It’s another idea from Simplicity Parenting, and one that I’ve really enjoyed implementing.  During the school year, we implemented a weekly meal rotation:

  • Monday – soup
  • Tuesday – crockpot
  • Wednesday – world cuisine
  • Thursday – fish
  • Friday – pasta or “Italian”
  • Saturday – fun, new, or easy
  • Sunday – meat

I loved it!  It made meal planning so much easier and I rested easily knowing that nutritious meals were ready for my family.  Now that it’s summer though, I’ve tried adapting it and it’s still not quite working for us.  The schedule isn’t as predictable and nor is the weather.  On a night that I’m supposed to cook something in the oven it might be 95 degrees, while on grill night it might be raining.  Additionally, there are many days that we simply stay out at the pond or playground too late to then cook dinner.  For the rest of summer, we’ll simply have seven meal options (including one fish and 1-2 grilling), most of which are quick, or no cook, or can be prepped in advance.  Any given night we’ll just pick the meal that best fits our mood, weather, and available time.

What has been working great, however, is that we’ve created a day for each thing that we really wanted to do this summer:

  • Monday – field trips
  • Tuesday – hike and art projects
  • Wednesday – farmer’s market and library
  • Thursday – pond (we also grocery shop)
  • Friday – meet up with the cousins
  • Saturday – family chores, errands, play
  • Sunday – no church for summer, so simply a time for us to all hang around the house

It’s been working GREAT!  Any activity has the flexibility to be skipped if needed, but it’s been wonderful knowing that we can go do that activity for a long or short amount of time.  So far, the kids have really taken to it, and it’s simplified things for me in that I know what to expect and the things that are most important to me are reflected.



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  1. Lori Ann / Dec 14 2010 7:44 am

    I love all the emphasis on rhythm as structure! Bookmarking this one for future reference 🙂


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