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August 5, 2010 / MrsH

Maximizing My Mornings – week 1

Whew, what a busy week we had!  I meant to get this posted on Monday and now it’s late Thursday night.  My biggest goal for the current week is to wake at 6:15 each day, rather than lounging in bed as late as I can (usually around 7).  This means a 10:45 bedtime.  I haven’t done great on those fronts, but did do some good work this week to increase my intentionality for morning time and what I want to accomplish. Here’s the plan so far:

Time w/ God

  • thank God for, well, everything I can think of
  • worship songs (still need to choose some)
  • Bible reading – I went with the 52 week reading plan that covers a different type of reading every day of the week.  I started on Sunday and have so far completed the reading each day, though not necessarily in the morning.
  • Prayer for kids, husband, and others.  I printed off the two prayer calendars, and as I’m doing it, I love the one for the kids (which I already had hanging up in the bathroom for prayer while brushing teeth), but the one for my husband I think I’ll need to amend to be for both of us and reflect both our individual and marital growth and development.  I’d like to still make a days of the week prayer system where I pray for (for example), my extended family one day, neighbors another, church another, etc.


  • I’d like to get in the habit of exercising daily.  Let me rephrase that.  Exercising daily is a critical need for me at this point.  However, this week we were camping and next week vacationing (hiking, primarily) so I’m going to hold off on developing this habit until week 3.


  • I realized I’m in a pretty good routine of planning the night before in order to make my mornings run more smoothly.  At that time, MrH is also more available to discuss last-minute changes and additions to the schedule, which has worked well.
  • In addition to evening planning, I will grab my planner each morning to check in with God about the plan, and ensure that I’m clear on what my three priorities are that day.

So there it is, my grand plan.  So far, the waking up isn’t going so great though I do feel that our vacationing schedule provides somewhat of a mitigating circumstance.  What I hope to accomplish through this month is to develop the necessary habits (waking early, worshiping, exercising,, and planning) toward a more God-centered and joy-filled me.

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  1. Joelle / Aug 5 2010 11:29 pm

    Great plan! I pray everything keeps going. It is really a challenge, but with the Lord we can do it.

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