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August 9, 2010 / MrsH

Growing and Learning

Our eldest now bonks her head when she tries to walk under her bunkbed.  Her bike is too short, clothes too small, and she’s just so… grown-up.  She wants to call her friends on the phone and invite them over for playdates.  She wants an ipod.  And a DS.  A computer, her own phone.  She’s 8 and thinks she knows it all. Yet she’s still so hard on herself, and when we haven’t hugged her recently, she’ll come up and tell me she needs to snuggle.  Emotionally, she’s becoming so articulate about her feelings.  The other day she told me she felt so unloved.  Whatever I responded in the moment about our love for her, she answered with: “I know, mommy, I know.  But I just feel this way, in this moment.  I know it’s not really how it is, but in this moment, it’s just how I feel!”  She looked at me, begging me with her eyes to understand.  And boy, did I!

The middle one has started saying “I don’t know the words” instead of throwing a tantrum.  I’m not sure how to help him and have been telling him that I’m happy to help him find the words.  Last week he finally took me up on it after a moment of contemplation.  “Mommy?  I need you want to come look.”  “ok.” He walked me over to his sister eating a chocolate zucchini muffin, “I want that!”  Easier to handle than a screaming tantrum.

Finally, the baby/toddler/little person has figured out how to climb up the slides just like her brother and sister.  She signs “hurt” and points.  She barks like a dog, makes monkey noises, and is working on horse sounds.  She’ll drink from anything other than her sippy cups.  The girl even figured out how to push daddy and me on the swings, with a big grunt for every one-handed push.

Phew!  Most days I have a hard time keeping up with all their learning and growing!


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  1. Joelle / Aug 10 2010 1:43 pm

    Oh praise God for those improvements!

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