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August 18, 2010 / MrsH

Week 3 of (not) waking early

So it’s week three of Michelle’s Maximize Your Mornings Challenge, based on Kat‘s amazing e-book.  I’m honestly feeling pretty down about it right about now. When I started, the baby was sleeping well and I had the energy.  Now we’ve spent a few weeks on various trips and growing some more molars, and the sleep isn’t so hot!  That’s what I tell myself anyway, when the alarm goes off at 6:15.  Or when I return from a 3am feed and quietly turn off the alarm before slipping back into my warm bed.

But those things I tell myself are lies. They’re easy to believe, easy to be complacent to, but I realized today that it’s a lie.  I’m only getting up a few times a night.  During vacation I woke up early every day, joyfully rising, reading my Bible with a mug of coffee in this lovely alcove with a view of the woods.  I woke up more on vacation, but was more rested too.  So what’s the deal?  The deal is that on vacation I was in bed by 10pm!  In bed by 10pm.  That’s the difference, I think.  It’s such a hard thing to discipline myself to do at home.  On vacation I spent 15mins a day on the internet, rather than all evening.  On vacation I didn’t have a houseful of chores staring me down as I try to relax. I didn’t have to prepare fun stuff to do for the next day.  I didn’t have to mealplan, shop, do laundry… All excuses I make for going to bed late.  So this week, my goals have nothing to do with waking up early (not directly, anyway).  My goals are all about the evening:

  • Be in bed by 10pm, lights out by 10:15
  • No computer after 9:30
  • Before sleeping, ask God to help me get up the next morning

I’d be remiss though to make this update all about things not going well.  One amazing thing has happened: I’m reading the Bible every day!! Seriously, I’m only a half a day behind in my Bible reading plan.  It has been a huge blessing.  I wasn’t expecting it to be, really.  God has been calling me to spend more time with His Word for a little while now and this was the final push that I needed to make it happen.  I’m reading books that I’ve never read before and I’m finding myself curious: Why did that happen?  What does this show me about God?  How can I understand this?  I don’t get answers necessarily, but just the asking has brought about meaningful dialogue with my Maker and I feel comforted in His presence.



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  1. holly / Aug 18 2010 2:28 pm

    First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today 🙂

    You are totally on the right track because have a grasp on WHAT your current hurdle is (going to bed) and you are tackling it. Just like in Kat’s recent post… you just have to take TINY baby steps, one at a time.
    I remember the days of night feedings and I’m so glad that ours is finally sleeping through the night (he was about 11 months old when he started). Of course, we have had a week or so of bad nights because he was sick, but generally, he sleeps through. I think I’d find it VERY difficult to get up early if I was still having to get up for night feedings. I admire you for trying to tackle it. And I can totally relate to the bedtime thing. When my son was waking at night it was really hard for me to condition myself to go to bed earlier. As for now, my bedtime varies (usually depending somewhat on my husband’s work schedule). I think I will always struggle somewhat with going to bed on time, but I’m trying to get better.

    OK, I think I’m just rambling now!!!

  2. Ashley / Aug 19 2010 2:44 pm

    “ask God to help me get up the next morning” – this has been my prayer for a few months now… I just need to stop “snoozing” Him now!

    It’s great that you’re getting in the Word daily – I think that’s probably the most important part of the challenge – taking time each day to refocus our hearts on Him.

    Keep it up!

  3. Michelle / Aug 23 2010 12:13 am

    I love how you’re focusing on the good things! So cool that you learned so much by being on vacation, too. You have some great goals- I think my evening changes are the most important as well.

    Thanks for linking up! m 🙂

    • Jane / Aug 23 2010 8:22 am

      Thanks for your comments and encouragement, Holly, Ashley, and Michelle! I’m sure needing it these days.

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