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August 22, 2010 / MrsH

CSA Food Adventures

This week we’ve experimented with quite a few ways to use (and preserve) foods from our CSA.  It’s been so exciting to try this stuff and I have a whole new respect for people living in the days where they spent their summers canning and storing food.  For me it’s a fun thing to try out, for them it was the way they had food to eat in the winter.  This past week, our CSA provided us with a bounty of delicious vegetables.  All I could say after hauling it all home was “God is so good.”  Here’s what we did, besides having loads of delicious veggie sides with our dinners and lunches:

  • We used 6lbs of our giant tomatoes to make tomato sauce.  I threw it all in the crockpot with some onions and garlic (both from the CSA share as well), added basil from my backyard, and parsley, salt, and pepper.  After about 12 hours I strained off some of the liquid (which was much-enjoyed as a “soup” by the younger two) and added a can of tomato paste.  Voila, 3 large jars of tomato sauce that I’d have spent $2-$3 for each at the store.
  • After running across a food dehydrator at Goodwill, and convincing my husband that our household couldn’t possibly live without one any longer, our Middle One and I made kale chips using an approximation of this recipe from We Like it Raw.  We had two bunches of kale, and the 4-year old ate at least a half a bunch before we even put it in the dehydrator.  He LOVED it.  Though I thought it was much better dehydrated.  It’s a great way of using greens when the green smoothies were getting a bit old for the kids.
  • Lastly, we used 6 of our 8 lbs of cucumbers to make pickles, using this recipe from Lesley’s Recipe Archive.  They’re now in their jars starting the fermentation process.  It’ll be about 4-7 days before we know how they came out, so fingers crossed!

It was my first time using each of these techniques and I really enjoyed each of them.  What’s amazing to me is that we also had plenty of food this week to have: zucchini casserole, ratatouille, onions to put in our pot o’ beans tonight, green salad for a lunch and a dinner, and sliced cucumbers for snack each day.  I’ve been amazing by His good provision, and the bounty He grows through our earth.


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