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August 29, 2010 / MrsH

The Days are Long…

And the years are short. I’m not sure who to credit with that gem, but it’s so true. I haven’t written in a week now because, well, the days have just been long with three kids, four solid days of rain, and only one rest hour where the timing worked so mommy could take a break. I’m such an introvert: without the alone time I got crabby and it definitely rubbed off on the kids.

But then I see my adorable toddler grab a washcloth and scrub the table. I hear my preschooler ask his 78th “why” question of the day (something he only just started asking). I teach my 3rd grader how to make a tunamelt and notice the pride in her face.

These are all reminders to me of how quickly time flies. Reminders of how beautiful these days are, how blessed I am to be privy to all these special moments. From somewhere, most likely God, I find the stamina to pull out the playdough and muster excitement about it. He gives me the grace to overlook the toys all over the floor and to play peek-a-boo. And instead of complaining, I am able to show gratitude. I bow my head in worship to Him, thanking Him for these days that can feel so long. Praying that years from now, I may remember these moments as I look at my teenagers, and my grown children.


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