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September 3, 2010 / MrsH

Heat Wave…!

Oh my oh my, I got caught in the thresholds of a heat wave and was NOT prepared this time.  When we had four days of rain a few weeks ago we managed gloriously.  I recognized the situation and planned for things such as physical exercise, time with friends, projects, and fun stuff to do indoors.  Then we had a heatwave.  Hot and muggy for five days.  We did not fare so well.  Confined to the one room in our home that has a/c, and with a ton of errands to do, we simply grew more and more crabby as the days passed.  I should add that ponds are all closed for bacteria and the beaches for strong riptides.  At one point, I was that mom, the one who has two children going berserk in the shoe store while desperately trying to have a moment with her eldest.  Empty threats and yelling have been commonplace this week and we are all reeling from it.

So now that the hurricane is about to hit, how do we recover from this?  I’ll share my plan, but have no idea whether it’ll work:

  1. last night I went out to the bookstore to do some browsing while my husband put the older kids to bed.  Taking care of my own need for peace and quiet feels restorative.
  2. Today, we’re getting together with the cousins at our local zoo, trying to get outside for the few hours that the weather is actually bearable
  3. My eldest has a playdate this afternoon which should get her out of her younger brother’s hair for a bit
  4. We’ll allow the younger brother to watch a movie this afternoon.  We like to set up a “movie theatre” and make popcorn in our whirley-pop
  5. We have lots of cooking to do now that the temperatures are lower again.  All my kids love to help with that so hopefully that will keep them from going quite so stir crazy.
  6. Lastly, I had our Eldest dig up her set of yoga cards so we can all use our bodies.

Having laid out that plan though, I’ve become really aware that heat is totally different than rain.  While both keep us mostly inside, we have more space with rain since both our attic and kitchen are much more usable.  I also really noticed that with the heat, I did not want to move.  A sentiment apparently not shared by my kids!  So we’ll see.  And in the end, I’m thankful that we’re not quite so close to the coast that the impending hurricane is a scary thing for us.


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