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September 6, 2010 / MrsH

Eating for Wellbeing – getting started

I’m so excited to be starting a self-designed program to help me regain control over some of my eating habits.  Over the past two years of pregnancy and then exclusively nursing a baby, my eating habits changed significantly.  While at first this was a good thing and very healthy, it has morphed into all of the unhelpful habits I had when I was in college, until I finally changed habits and lost 30lbs.  At this point, I’m 10lbs heavier than I’ve ever been except during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, and I’ve gained 4 inches in my waist.  Not exactly the picture of good health!  In reviewing my options for “diets,” however, I felt uncomfortable with my options.  I’ve learned so much about food and mostly subscribe to the Real Food way of thinking, with a twist for the Traditional Foods movement (Sally Fallon’s material in particular).  I also have a pretty clear picture of the habits that need to be addressed.  So rather than trying to force myself into someone else’s mold, I designed my own 8-week, adaptable program.

Each week I will focus on one area of concern and work to identify alternatives to my current behavior regarding eating.  By the end of the week I’ll have more clarity and be ready to continue to implement it, while focusing my energies on the next area.  I might have to spend two weeks on some and that’s totally fine.  Here’s the program:

Big Picture

  1. Set up accountability and “reward” systems – I plan to journal daily, check in here weekly, and on the weekend spend 30 minutes in my room, door closed, burning a candle and listening to music.
  2. Set SMART goals:
  • to suspend all judgment and value statements until the completion of the seven weeks (week 8 is all about evaluating)
  • to build sustainable, healthy habits, one at a time
  • to identify whether reducing sugar and grains in my diet helps reduce some of its addictive properties
  • To find out whether this plan will help me lose weight and identify key factors for me.
  1. Take baseline evaluation – including how I feel, energy levels, cravings, as well as weight and measurements.

Week 1 – Add Sugar Free, Grain Free Snacks

Week 2 – Eliminate grazing

Week 3 – Focus on Getting Seven a Day (five’s not enough, folks!)

Week 4 – Grain Free Lunches

Week 5 – Playing w/ Protein (as a former vegetarian this is hard esp while reducing reliance on grains)

Week 6 – Sustaining Breakfast

Week 7– Chugging Water

Week 8 – Putting it All Together and Planning for the Future


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