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September 12, 2010 / MrsH

Updates and Lessons Learned

As a follow-up to my Soul Fever post, I’ll say that taking it easy-ish today definitely helped our Eldest.  However, next time when we have a busy stretch to get through while feverish I think I need to be even more proactive about it.  Rather than only marking, and keeping free, our first possible rest-time, I’ll create opportunities for rest and healing. This weekend, we ended up spending Friday afternoon in battles over little tasks that had been neglected and built up over the week.  I immediately went into “she must fix these things” mode, instead of compassionate “it’s the first week of school and we’ve got plenty of time to work on this.”  So it wasn’t very relaxing.  Saturday, we could have skipped our family chores and rested instead.  While it’s fairly “no excuses,” we could have healed first and done chores on Sunday.  Minimally, we could have set ourselves up for success a bit more by not expecting our daughter to do anything independently.  Instead, we battled over family chores and it was no fun.  Today, however, was fun and I think it helped.  We maintained our normal structure, but other than that allowed her to set her pace. Hopefully she’s replenished enough for her week at school!

As for as potty learning, our Middle One is still doing phenomenally well.  He tells me when he has to go, refuses to wear a diaper at night and manages to stay dry,  and is generally good-natured about going.  He often tells me when he eneds to go, for all his business.  I’m so impressed with him.  We still need to convince him to actually wear underwear instead of… nothing, but that will come.  He’s also very attached to one specific potty set-up and basically doesn’t go anywhere else.  Though that too, will undoubtedly come.  We’re already scaling back the rewards, though will see how we end up doing that formally.  What a relief!   I’m reminded that this boy is cautious, he will try it when he feels he can master it, and I must respect that.


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