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September 27, 2010 / MrsH

My Trash-Picking Pre-Schooler

We were walking to pick up our Eldest.  Little One and I were  a ways ahead of the Middle One, who was having one of those “explore everything” days.  They’re great, just hard sometimes when our Eldest is about to be marched to the office to wait for her no-show mother.  “Hey Mommy!”  “huh?”  “Look over here!”  His excitement was palpable.  What did he spot?  “Quick, mommy, look!  TRAINS!”  I turn around fully, breaking my efforts to keep going and get to school.  How could I resist such a thing as trains?

He stood there.  Having taken the lid off a large tupperware storage box that sat next to a trashcan.  The box was full of train tracks and other accouterments.  The cheapo plastic kind – not the ones that are compatible with his Thomas set.  But never mind that.  Middle One was already digging through the box.  Pulling out freight cars left and right.  “Why are they here, mommy?”  Hm…

In the end I let him take the engine with 4 freight cars.  It seemed to be in good condition, clean.  He spent about 45 minutes scrubbing the thing when we got home, using various brushes, sponges, cloths, and 3 types of soap.  I don’t think it was all about getting the train clean.  He’s been playing with that train ever since, and is even sleeping with it tonight.  Hope he doesn’t roll over on it!


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