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October 11, 2010 / MrsH

She Broke the Crib…

We have (had now) a drop-side crib.  It’s been a fine place for the Little One to sleep.  We come get her when she cries, and while she often rattles the side back and forth a little bit before I get out of my sleep-drunken stupor and make it to her side, I’ve never felt particularly concerned about the crib.  I recently did become aware of the potential safety problems with drop-side cribs.  However, I think that much of those problems stem from faulty assembly or leaving a baby to cry in her crib, not just sleeping.  Anyway, I did a safety inspection on it and all was fine.

Fast forward to last Friday.  I was putting the Little One down for her nap.  Usually, we nurse for a bit and she goes down no problem.  This day, that didn’t happen.  So I ended up putting her in the crib while I curled up on her brother’s bed next to it.  She didn’t like it, but tried to go to sleep.  We snuggled and nursed some more, and after an hour of this I realized I needed the bathroom and was starving.  So I left her in the crib for the few minutes it would take to calm myself down and take care of my physical needs.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that after strong protests, she dropped off to sleep within 7 minutes from when I left the room.

Pleasantly, until I went back in to check on her.  She had vomited, and cracked the edge of her drop-side crib.  Cracked it.  The wood.  The poor baby!  Thank God the crib didn’t fully break and so she didn’t get hurt or anything.  But it completely reaffirmed for me why we made the choice to not leave her to cry it out.

We tried several alternative sleeping arrangements, and I think we’ve settled on one now.  We placed our extra mattress (full-size) on her floor.  She’s got her blankie and her dolly.  We have her sleep sheep and cup of water.  I get my own pillow and blanket right there as well.   Now we nurse in her bed, and I sneak out quietly.  We’ll see how it goes once a sibling leaves their bedroom door open, but all is well for now.  Not exactly how we envisioned this transition to go, but then, what aspect of parenting is?


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