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November 8, 2010 / MrsH

Week One without the Experts

Not reading parenting materials is going so great, I’m reminded of why I do it in the first place.  So far I’ve completed the fairy house, created a fancy menu board similar to this one, and am reading fiction.  Yes, honest to goodness, I’m reading fiction.  The last time I read something just for the joy of reading was, uhm… maybe this summer?  It’s entirely possible though that the last time was in January, when I had minor surgery and was cooped up in bed for a day or so.   I’m also caught up on laundry (that never happens) and updated my planner and to-do lists.  I’m making progress on things that seemed impossible.

I’m also able to take the opportunity to play with the kids a bit more.  Today we colored some halloween ornaments (I know… a little late) and then wrestled on the bed.  It’s embarrassing to think about how much of a hideaway my computer has become.  With it in my lap, there’s a physical barrier between me and the world.  Leaving it off significantly more has been good for all of us.  I’m going to have to make sure to keep that up even after I’m back to keeping up with the parenting blogs and all that.

The Middle One seems to be finishing up his time of working things out.  Or else today is just a very pleasant reprieve.  I can’t say I always handled it well, but I really tried to stay with him and love him through it.  Without manipulating his behavior, but trying to sit with him through his self-induced misery.  To allow him to say “NO!” without taking it personally or without then forcing him to stick with that (often detrimental) answer.  Today he’s been an absolute joy, helping out, playing with the Little One, and “yes” seems to even have found its way back into his vocabulary.  Fingers crossed on all that…

I have been reading  a tiny bit though.  When someone leaves a comment here, I get so intrigued by who the person is that I’ve been reading a few posts in that way.  The other day I also got sucked into about an hour of following links on all sorts of interesting topics.  All related to parenting.  I suddenly looked at the clock, realized what I was doing, and knew I had to shut the computer down.  I’m also participating in the Carnival of Natural Parenting again this month, which I’m thrilled about and I fully intend on reading as many of those posts as I desire, guilt-free.  After the kids are in bed.  I’m optimistic about what the rest of this month will bring!


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