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December 10, 2010 / MrsH

Taking Stock

I’m in the midst of some “big feelings,” as we like to call them, around the whole adoption process and how my life has changed since becoming a mother 2.5 years ago. That’s not entirely conducive to writing many posts, as I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read my mumble-jumble on the topic until I have found a little more words and a little less feelings in it all. For now, I’m going to keep turning to God, trusting that He’s got us covered.

In the meantime, a snapshot of five things in our days that are going well and five that need some work. Five things that are going well:

  1. Night-weaning – I’m still so thrilled about this change.  Love it.  It does mean more nursing during the day, but that’s fine by me.
  2. Meal-planning – this has been one of the single best things I’ve done to reduce stress.  I plan on a weekly basis using a regular rotation (Monday Italian, Tuesday soup, etc.).  Recently I made a cute little dry erase board out of a picture frame and some scrapbooking paper.  I put fuzzy letter stickers on it on the top that say MENU and then the days of the week, as well as what type of meal we have that night.  The Eldest loves to read that and then the specific meal we’re having.  I love that it looks nice and helps simplify things.  Oh and when there are complaints about the menu?  I can just blame it on the menu board, rather than getting into an argument about it.
  3. Snack after school – in Simplicity Parenting, this is described as a time of day that can function as a nice release from school and a time to reconnect with the kids.  It took a few weeks but we now sit at the table and eat our snack together before starting homework.  It’s nice.
  4. Walking to school – I think I’ve mentioned this before but it’s the perfect start to our day.  Even when the morning was rough, we’re all better before we get to the next block!  It also helps all of us get our daily 30 minutes of exercise without having to think about it.
  5. Reading together – the Little One regularly brings me books and not a day goes by that we read together, usually several times.  The Middle One often snuggles up with me for a story at some point during the day, but the most reliable one is his bedtime story.  Our Eldest is doing more and more reading now, though she and I are also reading the BFG together.  It’s slow going because many nights we don’t have time or end up just chatting, but it’s special and I love when we have the chance.

Five things that are not going well (and I’m open to your suggestions!):

  1. Getting ready for dinner – this one frustrates me so much that I can’t even write about it.  My least favorite time of day right now.
  2. Getting out of bed in the morning – for me, this is because I’m just plain tired.  So I linger and stay under those covers until MrH leaves the house, at which point I realize that our Eldest did the same thing.  Now she is in her bed for 11hrs a night, and often longer.  I can’t imagine her being sleep-deprived, and on weekends she does wake up around the same time.  It seems like she’s just feeling so unmotivated on school mornings.
  3. Putting clothes away – after doing laundry they often sit on the couch for days.  Even when I do get them upstairs, we just stick them on top of the dressers.  It isn’t unusual for them to all be worn by the time I put away the couple of straggler shirts and make space for the next load.  It’s messy and teaches our kids to not take care of their stuff.
  4. Keeping the Middle One busy and engaged – now this isn’t a problem all day long, but it does get really hard around certain points in the day.  He does watch too much tv, although he’s not at the average levels.  I guess we need to find ways for him to relax and zone out that don’t include the tv, and also don’t include being destructive.  The problem with most activities that we’ve tried is that when he gets bored he just starts experimenting with it everywhere.  So if he’s doing play-dough, he’ll stick it all over the rugs and the piano.  Ugh.
  5. Grocery Shopping – there are so many stores that I’d like to frequent, one has the humanely raised chicken we like, somewhere else for milk, another place for eggs and beef, another farm for veggies, and then there’s the warehouse club for certain items and of course the grocery store for all the rest.  I keep planning to streamline it all so I can do with only two trips per week, but so far it’s been a little overwhelming.

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