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February 1, 2011 / MrsH

First Comeback

Buddy turned five yesterday and has apparently taken it quite seriously. He’s suddenly shown us a side of him that we hadn’t seen before, including going up and asking for a take-out box for our leftover pizza and willingly putting his own coat/shoes on. He also gave us all a good laugh at a witty comeback to his sister. For this story, it’s relevant to know that there’s a boy in his class with a very similar name to his own. We’ll call the boy “Bud.” Bud shows up frequently in Buddy’s pretend play. Yesterday, while driving, Buddy was having full-fledged conversations between his trains and “Bud” was the main character.

MISSIE: Buddy, do you want to be called Bud?


BUDDY: Missie, do you want to be called airplane?


Roaring laughter from the front seat.

It’s all in the delivery, and Buddy nailed it with his even tone and clever copy of the exact sentence structure his sister had used.  Way to go Mr. 5!


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