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March 6, 2011 / MrsH

Did you know…

  • that peanut butter and honey is far superior to an 8 year old than peanut butter and jelly?  One can be revered, the other reviled.
  • that preschoolers can be very helpful egg-crackers?
  • that when a toddler vomits on your carpet and couch, you cover it in baking soda and let it dry, then dry-vac it up, and finally get the stains out with carpet cleaner?
  • that codeine apparently is safe while breastfeeding, unlike what I thought yesterday? (I’m not a medical doctor so research your own decisions!).  Thanks for the info, Kate!
  • that according to Missy, mommies actually don’t have a third eye in the backs of their heads?  “I’ll test it tomorrow though…”
  • that squinkies really are that cool?
  • that birth parent visits can be fun?
  • that even when your 8 year old thinks she’s not invited to a friend’s birthday party, it’s always worth it to check because maybe she actually was?  And that it can be awkward to find out about that when you happen to crash the party while swimming at your birthdad’s hotel?
  • that chocolate ice-cream is even better when you add M&Ms?

Yes, we’ve had a full weekend…


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