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April 19, 2011 / MrsH

The “Technique” Worked!

So we were getting ready to head out the door, not a strong point in our day.  Even when it’s something like going tot he playground, Buddy really struggles.  Today I think we were going to do errands, major struggles in the forecast.  He’d just had snack, a slice of cold pizza.  His sisters had both napped and first declined snacks, but then started asking for them in the midst of the shoe-putting-on extravaganza.  “Sure, how about some pizza?”  Uh-oh.

“But… moommmmyyyyyy, I want pizza too!”  “Buddy, you’re whining.  Please try again.”  “Mommy?  I want pizza too, please, pleeeeaaaase?????”  “Buddy, you already had your share, would you like a banana or an apple?” We were squared off, ready for combat.  I remembered about how I don’t want to go there, about how I can’t get engaged in these battles, and suddenly it hit me.  This technique that’s mentioned in I either Playful Parenting (brilliant book) or How to Talk… (also fantastic): I could try it, this was the perfect moment for this strategy!

I took a deep breath, looked at Buddy, and said: “boy, I sure wish we had more pizza.  Wouldn’t it be great if we were our own pizza shop and could eat it all day long?!”

Dead Silence.  Until…

“And our whole house would be full of pizza!”  “Yes!  We could eat it all day long!”  “For breakfast?”  “Yes, and snacks too.”  “Haha, that would be silly.  Our friends couldn’t even get in the door, they would have to eat all the pizza and then they could come inside.”  “What would they play with?”  “PIZZA!”  We continued for a while, all battle forgotten, side-stepped.  It worked!

About a half hour after we’d successfully navigated the transition into the car, Buddy dreamily said “Mommy?  What if the pizza went all outside, all over the street?  We couldn’t even go anywhere…!”


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  1. Sarah Bendeich / Apr 20 2011 5:03 am

    Well done. I love it!

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