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July 19, 2011 / MrsH

Making Progress

I’ve been quiet on here for a few months now.  I needed to let the dust settle a little bit on our recently finalized adoptions.  I needed space and time to name my losses, and to work through some of the stages of grief.  We’ve been doing lots of emotional work around here which is hard.  Really hard.  We’re still in the midst of it, but today I felt very encouraged.

Missy had therapy today, after a few weeks of both not having therapy and having been very busy with camp (I’m talking sleep-away people!  She handled herself beautifully, though I took myself by surprise and cried when she kicked me of the cabin at drop-off).  In her session we usually start with a quick check-in with both me and her.  She sat snuggled up with me the whole time, but in a physically more respectful way than she has in the past.  I then was relegated to the waiting room, as usual.  A few minutes went by, and I was asked to come into the room again.  Missy was struggling with some really big feelings that she felt unsure about sharing with her therapist.  She asked if she could talk them through with me, first.  I felt so honored and touched.  Seeing the emotion in her face and body, I felt grateful that she trusted me enough to help her hold these feelings.  And I was tremendously proud when she ended up opening up with her therapist as well, sharing her concern and working through it.

This was wonderful progress in terms of connecting with me, and in terms of taking a huge risk and sharing something with her therapist that made her feel scared to death to say.  Way to go, Missy!



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  1. momentcherished / Aug 6 2011 2:02 pm

    This is so beautiful. Almost 5 months ago we brought home our son from Ethiopia. He was just 15 months old, but trauma is a very real part of his story and our life. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings, Tiffany


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