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September 13, 2011 / MrsH


Tomorrow, Buddy starts kindergarten.  He’s already successfully navigated the one-to-one assessment with his new teacher, and the two-hour orientation.  He’s thrilled, and I’m thrilled for him.  I’ve worked hard these past few months to have fun with him, to support him, and to love on him.  I pushed and pushed myself against the feeling of “thank god, he’ll be someone else’s problem.”  I feel proud of the work we have done together this summer.  And now, I’m relieved he heads to school!

I’m relieved not just because I won’t have to wipe a poopie bum every day during lunch, or only because it’s hard to keep up with his abundance of energy.  I’m relieved because I think it will provide structure and purpose to his days that he sorely needs right now.  At home we try: we keep our routines and share plans for the day.  He has done super in preschool for the past two years and this summer he has retained all of his academic kindergarten skills.  We’ve worked on some of his social skills and he has developed a relationship with his therapist where he feels increasingly comfortable sharing the tough stuff.  He has space and people with him he can work stuff outt.  I wouldn’t have said this 3 months ago, but today I know that he’s ready.  He knows it too.  He has been more confident when meeting new people.  He blew me away when he first met his teacher with his charisma and humor.

So I eagerly await my boy’s entry into kindergarten.  I recognize the likelihood of him being an exhausted terror (at home only of course) for the next few months and I pray that as he settles into the school schedule, he’ll gain even more confidence and pride in the skills he’s learning.

***like my optimism?  I’m totally aware of all the things that can go awry and have proactively worked to address those as well.  But today… today I feel hopeful.


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