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About Fleeting Moments

Writing helps me, and when life gets crazy, I find a piece of sanity in writing.  I also secretly think that some of what I learn on this life journey might be helpful or of interest to others.  Primarily, I plan to write in the following categories:

  • musings – a place to reflect on the parenting journey with all its twists and turns.
  • gentle discipline – highlights (and lowlights) of our journey to discipline without yelling or unnecessarily punitive responses to our kids.
  • development – posts that outline where one or more of my kids are at developmentally.  These posts exist to help me remember and keep perspective.
  • solutions – each day presents its own challenges, and sometimes I spend months before I finally find a viable solution.   It’d be a shame to lose it again, or to forget just what we did that worked so well.
  • adoption – we’re part of an open adoption, with separate agreements with the birth mom and birth dad to our two eldest children (same parents).  This brings lots of uncharted territory for me and my family, especially since their birth mom is also my sister!

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  1. jasmin / Nov 19 2010 7:01 am

    I am a bit like you..;).. And a few weeks old blogger. Dentist by profession, but writing is a passion and a favourite hobby..Thanks for the wise words on the blog. Hope you will visit my blog and guide me too.

  2. Naomi Paisley-Flango / Apr 7 2011 9:33 pm

    I’d like to explore more of what you mean by “gentle discipline.” Some days I am having a hard time finding compassion for my boys. It sounds like we have a lot of similar issues and I could really use an ally in learning how to care for them in a loving way.

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