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Our Family

We’re a family of five, striving to live together in a Godly way and finding ways to love one another through the ups and downs of life.  We agree with many of the principles of natural parenting, and work our way through an open, kinship adoption.  We keep our page as anonymous as possible while sharing some very private details.

MrH – amazing dad, husband, and the one who brings home the (humanely raised) bacon.  We were married four years ago and I haven’t looked back since.  He is even-tempered, funny, and supportive in ways that I never knew a person could be.  He truly brings out the best in me.

MrsH – that’d be me, the mother of the household.  I’m mostly a SAHM, while I do also work a few hours a week.  I’m learning how to run a home, teach children, and show love to three very different individuals all day long.  A born introvert, I work hard to balance my days, create routines, and yet allow for much flexibility and laughter.  Some days I succeed, others not so much.

Missy/Our Eldest – our amazing daughter is only in elementary school but we can already see the qualities of a young, independent woman.  She’s funny, aims to please, and is surprisingly well able to express her complex emotional reality.

Buddy/The Middle One – our only boy is a fun-loving kindergartener who is always on the go, always exploring, and frequently taking things apart that maybe shouldn’t be.  He has a heart of gold, loves his sisters, and after initial language delays is a delight as he learns to express himself.

Sweetpea/The Little One – our only child by birth, and the youngest of three, has served as a unifier and comic relief in many a tense moment.  She loves learning from her big brother and sister, is generally ready with a smile and a hug, and insists we all listen when she speaks.

One last note: while our older two are now in elementary school, we have only parented them since they were 6 and 2, respectively. While the older posts of this blog are explicitly not about our experience of this, in March 2011 I shifted that and created an “adoption” category. This mirrors our journey as parents, in that we did not set out to adopt and it took us quite a while to identify as pre-adoptive parents.  Our inexperience has been a challenge that we notice daily, and their need for stability colors every experience.  We finalized their adoptions in 2011, opening the floodgates of finally fully processing what it all means.



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  1. jasmin / Nov 19 2010 7:04 am

    Best wishes MrsH. God bless your family!

  2. Margaret B. / Nov 30 2011 4:10 pm

    Hello — Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment over at my blog we bloom here. I hopped over to your blog to learn more about you and am touched to read about your parenting journey. Not enough time to read everything now, but I plan to return soon…


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